1. What is the admission procedure in SVV?
2. What is the fee structure?
3. What curriculum will the school follow?
4. How many terms will the school have?
5. What will be the school timings?
6. Will the school authorities be taking adequate measures to ensure hygiene and safety in the school?
7. Does the school conduct PTM’s?
8. Is it possible to meet the teachers except the day of PTM?
9. What is the admission process?
10. What are the documents required at the time of admission?
11. What are the modes of transport offered?
12. What kind of remedial classes will be provided for students who are not able to cope?
13. How will a child who is currently in a vernacular medium state school and has never been to an English medium school cope with the culture shift and syllabus requirement?
14. What kind of infrastructure and facilities will be provided by the schools?
15. What are the extra-Curricular activities offered SVV?
16. How would you help students improve on their English communication skills?