We, at S V V , have always pioneered and adopted new technologies that help us to maintain the pace with the changing world.

Education is no longer confined to the boundaries of a classroom, in fact it has become global and keeps evolving with the changing technologies of the 21st century S V V , therefore associated itself with Educomp Smartclass and brought the whole world in the classroom for its students.

Educomp online is a comprehensive one stop portal catering to the educational requirements of KG – 12 students.

The portal is now open for students & teachers.

This portal will help our students to access the study modules at their homes.

It will help the parents to motivate their children to use computer and internet more creatively.

The students and parents will be provided with a specific account and a password to access this portal at their home.

The school would like to encourage the parents to make the best use of this portal as it will reduce their burden of managing study modules on their own for their children.