The aim of our Vidhyalaya is the all round formation of the students to make them good human beings and worthy citizens of the country that is rich in diverse cultures, religions, languages and customs.

The method of education followed at Shree Vasishtha Vidhyalaya is the system taught and practiced by the great sages of ancient India – the Preventive System. In this system there is no place for corporal punishment. It is based on conviction, prevention of faults, paternal correction and loving kindness.

At SVV, there is a strong focus on academics and co-curricular activities. A wide range of extra-curricular opportunities are provided including the experience of organizing and participating in inter-school tournaments and competitions.

Apart from targeting good physical health and hygiene for our children, our focus is on learning the importance of team spirit, healthy competition and the ability to deal with triumphs as well as setbacks.

We also allow a wide range of creative activities engaging the Multiple Intelligences as specified by Howard Gardner,

so that every child not only gets the opportunity to develop a specific aptitude, but also the arena to trial varied potential abilities, thus transferring weaknesses into strengths.

We aim to provide an environment where excellence is encouraged, where students are challenged in their learning and develop capabilities that will support them and prepare them for life.

Let us join together and move forward with new enthusiasm and commitment. Life is a perennial strive towards betterment. We shall always have “Promises to keep and miles to go before —— sleep.”