We, at S V V , have always pioneered and adopted new technologies that help us to maintain the pace with the changing world.


A multi – sensory approach is put into practice to make students comprehend, learn and bring meaning to the wide range of concepts within a concept.

Students are taught through child receptive teaching aids, assemblies, audio visuals, e- learning.

Some classes have digital boards and students learn through visual modules.


Self study and reading are important skills towards developing the habit of life-long learning which an indispensable tool for future careers.

For this purpose a well equipped and stocked library with different types of books, magazines, periodicals, and newspaper is available.

Every child is inspired and encouraged to go to the library during library periods as well as in free time.

Apart from encyclopedias and reference books on all subjects, the content-rich library at S V V has comics, story books and illustrated dictionaries as well, for the overall development of the young mind.

A novel concept– class library is also introduced in the junior classes.


Spread over a good area, the playground is fully equipped to conduct various outdoor sports activities like Basket ball,Volley Ball,Skating Rink, Cricket, Kho Kho etc.

Emphasis on regular exercise and physical fitness is built into the programme and all games are supervised by masters.

P.T. or yoga under qualified instructors is compulsory.

In addition, the school offers a choice of tennis, basketball, volleyball, swimming, badminton and taekwondo as well.


We, at S V V , have always pioneered and adopted new technologies that help us to maintain the pace with the changing world.

Education is no longer confined to the boundaries of a classroom, in fact it has become global and keeps evolving with the changing technologies of the 21st century S V V , therefore associated itself with Educomp Smartclass and brought the whole world in the classroom for its students.

Educomp online is a comprehensive one stop portal catering to the educational requirements of KG – 12 students.

The portal is now open for students & teachers.

This portal will help our students to access the study modules at their homes.

It will help the parents to motivate their children to use computer and internet more creatively.

The students and parents will be provided with a specific account and a password to access this portal at their home.

The school would like to encourage the parents to make the best use of this portal as it will reduce their burden of managing study modules on their own for their children.


We have  separate well equipped Biology, Chemistry,Physics,Computer & Maths, Lab for the senior students.


Games and sports form an integral part of the school curriculum.

Specialized practice courts coupled with specialized coaches continuously train the budding athletes of the school.

The school management has come up with various playing arenas for all round performances.

These have paid rich dividends with the school being represented at city, District, State as well as National level in various disciplines like Chess, Handball, Volleyball, Swimming and Basketball.Games and Sports have brought great laurels to the school and held keep the school’s flag flying high.


Co-Curricular Activities make a support structure for the curricular activities which place in the school premises.

The various Co- Curricular activities like horse-riding, skating, judo-karate, yoga, fine-arts and crafts, western and classical dances, aerobics and music provide an atmosphere of completeness to the school atmosphere.

The labs are well equipped with chemicals, apparatus and instruments.

Functions The school with its strong cultural base and close attachment to nature and festivities provide a unique opportunity for school to celebrate various festivals- be it National, Religious or Cultural.

The school’s Mega Event –the Annual Function Provides an excellent platform to the students from Jr.Kg to 10th std to showtheir capabilities in dance, songs, speeches and dramas.

Thus the school provides the most suitable platform to students to bring out the talent of the students.


The students are divided into four houses namely

1) Shivaji       2) Tagore    3) Subhash   4) Ashoka

for giving better opportunity for every child in a healthy competition in all fields.

Apart from regular academic curriculum, the students are participating in Inter class and Inter House Debates, Quiz, Essay Writing, Speech Competition in both Hindi and English Languages.

The houses are headed by House Masters as educators and by Captains and vice Captains from student side.

House is given 12 days duty and it looks after the morning assembly, cleaning supervision and discipline.

The house co-ordinating committee organizes and executes various inter house competitions during the academic year.

All the norms for participating are informed well in advance and the winning students contribute points to their concerned houses.

During the Annual Function of the school, the house trophies of the years are scaled based on the points scored by the house in various Activities, Sports, Academic Competition held during the year. The house which gets most of the points is declared “Cock House”.

Ashoka House

Shivaji House

Subhash House

Tagore House


Today’s world is considered to me the world gadgets.

Computer now has taken center stage today.

So in order to be up to date with the latest know how, our schools has done the best and has brought in the latest

technology in order to see that students are up to date in their computer knowledge.

Our computer Lab. Is well equipped Lab. Having latest Pentium based machine.

To add colors to it our lab.

Is also being used to learn English language as we are having Wordsworth English programme installed.

This programme has not only helped the students improve their language power but has also helped in developing reading and listening skill.

It is huge step in taking the students at a higher level and also getting them at par with the students of any other school.

The school has also Internet connection in the various rooms like computer lab., A.V. Room, Library.

This facility will help them to access information whenever needed to complete their projects.


Students, Teacher and Parents are the three corners of a triangle of Education system.

To take parents into confidence and get first hand information to understand their wards academic progress is the prime motive of teachers.

We also invite practical and positive suggestion for further improvement of the school.

By parents interacting with teachers they know their position clearly and with teachers suggestion the parents will plan out home study and the child also feels confident in moving forward in his/her studies.

The Series of meetings which the school has conducted in these years we feel confident to say the parents are having faith in this institution and school also delivered work in accordance with the expectation of parents.